Universal Job Match Launching on 19th November

Just to let you know that Jobcentre Plus is introducing a new service for jobseekers and employers called Universal Job Match

This new service will enable jobseeker’s to:

  • Create / Upload CV’s
  • Receive Job alerts via email
  • Apply for jobs online
  • Perform and save job searches
  • Keep a record of job search in one place (Even if from a different site)
  • Share job search with Jobcentre Plus adviser

And much more…

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To enable you to register for the Universal Job Match you will need a Government Gateway ID. You don’t need to wait until the Universal Job Match is launched, you can get your ID now so you’re ready to go.

To get your Government Gateway ID, just visit www.gateway.gov.uk and select the “register as an individual” link. Once registered you will receive your Gateway ID in the post.

Please note that you will need a valid email address when registering for the gateway ID and for universal job match services.