Manchester Complex Needs – Two Employment opportunites please circulate as widely as possible

The BIG Lottery Fund (BIG) has now announced that Manchester is on its way to receiving up to £10 million to support adults with multiple and complex problems including homelessness, mental ill health, substance & alcohol misuse and re-offending. Eleven other successful partnerships across England are also on the verge of receiving a share of BIG’s £100m investment.

The next stage of the application is for Shelter to submit a business plan on behalf of the partnership detailing how we will work together to improve and better coordinate services to tackle the needs of people living chaotic lives and who do not currently engage with or drop out of services.

During this 6 months, a Project Team will work with Partners and Service Users to identify; gaps in current service provision, the break points where people currently drop out of or disengage with services, and where these potential ‘hidden’ services users are to be found.

We are advertising two fixed term employment opportunities within the Project Team for a Project Support Officer and Service User Co-ordinator. They will be based in Shelter’s office base in Samuel Ogden Street, Manchester. The Advertisements and Job Descriptions are attached and can also be found on Shelter’s website.

As you are all aware service users are at the heart of this project and hence the decision to commit dedicated resources through the creation of the Service User Co-ordinator post (30 hours per week) to ensure meaningful engagement takes place at every level and stage Shelter is encouraging ex-service users to apply for the service user co-ordinator position and support can be provided with the application process if needed. Please ask any ex-service users requiring support to contact Shelter in the first instance for details of the support available.

This is an opportunity to contribute to the development of a programme that will support people in Manchester to access the services they need, build their resilience, gain confidence and acquire the personal and social assets they need in order to meet their aspirations.

For more information or to register your interest please e-mail or phone for details: or Tel: 0344 515 2182.