Customer Assistant Ready Role Profile

• Acknowledges customers promptly and courteously; gives them their undivided attention

• Acts promptly to deliver a personalised service to the customer

• Takes the opportunity to exceed the customer’s expectations

• Asks questions to confirm satisfaction

• Takes responsibility for resolving customer complaints promptly

• Demonstrates pride and commitment in M&S

Initiates and Closes the Sale

• Takes the initiative to understand the customer’s need

• Confidently articulates the relevant benefits of products/services and alternatives to customers

• Handles objections calmly and effectively

• Suggests relevant/appropriate channels for purchase e.g. internet, store, ipad etc

• Seeks to close a sale by guiding conversation to desired end point

Productive and Dependable

• Approaches work in a systematic and orderly manner

• Ensures high quality standards are met

• Works at pace to consistently achieve high levels of productivity

• Monitors and manages own levels of productivity

• Eager to learn about products during any downtime

Confident Communicator and Acts on Initiative

• Acts on own initiative without being prompted

• Takes responsibility for own work and mistakes

• Creates an immediate positive impression on others

• Projects an air of confidence in dealings with others

• Uses sound product knowledge and expertise


• Approaches change and uncertainty positively

• Accepts new work routines, tasks, procedures or environments readily

• Modifies behaviour and approach to deal effectively with changing processes

Energetic and Enthusiastic

• Shows enthusiasm, drive and determination

• Maintains consistent levels of effort throughout the shift

• Sees things through to completion

• Pursues challenging tasks with tenacity and focus

• Is eager to learn


• Demonstrates a genuine, natural interest in and understanding of others

• Takes time to listen attentively to what others have to say

• Adjusts approach to others based on emotional, behavioural and non-verbal cues

• Demonstrates tolerance and consideration for others

• Empathises with others

• Quickly builds rapport and puts others at ease

Team Player

• Balances own needs / tasks with those of the team

• Offers support to colleagues in difficult situations or busy work periods

• Adapts to the team

• Shares information and knowledge that may be of use to colleagues

• Accepts direction from others without undue challenge